Clinical Team

We are top professionals in occupational medicine. As people, we take pride in honoring and respecting the individual in any communication or care process. As professionals, we take pride in delivering the highest quality medicine that in turn results in the most cost-effective care.

Our MED-1 clinical team is made up of professional medical, nursing, and physical therapy staff with certifications in all areas of occupational medicine and healthcare. Our organization is physician-based which means there is always a doctor available at each of our clinics available to see appropriate patients.

While the medical staff focuses on occupational healthcare, MED-1 Clinical Coordinators and Customer Service Representatives make sure clinic operations and communications run smoothly. It's all part of our employer-focused program to provide excellence in clinical management, to return your employees to their work responsibilities, and to give you Personal Service and Professional Results.

Our Certifications and Expertise:
  • Board certified in occupational medicine
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) licensing
  • Experience in many industries and working environments
  • Trained in OSHA, DOT, Hazemat, and other regulatory requirements for compliance in collecting and reviewing.
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